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Redskins’ Chris Thompson: I’ve warned family about rowdy Eagles fans

Washington Redskins running back Chris Thompson once prayed in the end zone before a game at Philadelphia when a fan shouted at him — in mid-prayer — that God wasn’t going to help him that day.

“I was like, dang, all right, that’s a little harsh,” Thompson told ESPN980 Wednesday afternoon.

But not as harsh as what Thompson heard sometimes happens in the stands, which is why he doesn’t want his family to attend Monday night’s game at Lincoln Financial Field.

Ben Roethlisberger said after the game, “maybe I don’t have it anymore.” It was more a stream-of-consciousness moment than a declaration, but what’s clear is Roethlisberger took his five-interception performance hard. He said he needs to improve “everywhere.”

While the comments could be swept under the rug, it certainly is an eye-opening statement from a quarterback who has never questioned his abilities at any point in his career.

This is when most fans will wonder about Roethlisberger’s overall desire to play after contemplating retirement this offseason, and it brings to mind what ‘The Emperor’ Chuck Noll once said about retirement.

Noll would always say when you start thinking about retirement, you are probably already retired.

No one but Roethlisberger knows just what he has, and doesn’t have, in terms of desire at this stage in his career, but the team desperately needs his play to improve if the offense wants to ever get off the ground and make a run not just in the division, but in the NFL.

Until next week, with a chance to improve his game, fans will be wondering if Roethlisberger “has it” anymore.