A backup NFL quarterback was accused of domestic assault in a report published Tuesday, and within hours, he was cut.

Police in Mansfield, Texas, are investigating Trevone Boykin after he allegedly choked his girlfriend and broke her jaw last week. The episode stemmed from the former TCU quarterback demanding access to Shabrika Bailey’s text messages, she told WFAA in Dallas.

“So he goes into a choke,” Bailey, who refused to unlock her phone, told the station. “I remember him choking me and I’m trying to calm him down. And I just couldn’t. And I blacked out. I just couldn’t calm him down at all.

“His first suggestion was to say that I fell,” Bailey said, providing a text exchange to WFAA that she said proved Boykin’s request. “Then he suggested that I got beat up by a girl, or jumped. Then he suggested that I fell again.

“He’s saying basically since we’ve already been in a case we don’t need nothing else. And of course his football career is on the line. That’s his main goal, just ‘My football career is on the line.’”

Boykin, who finished fourth in the 2014 Heisman Trophy voting, made his NFL debut in 2016 with the Seahawks before spending 2017 on their practice squad.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft viewed video of the epic moment telling reporters: “For a guy that size to be able to hop up on a 7-foot-2-inch, or whatever Shaq is, is pretty cool. So, that speaks well about his potential athletic moves this coming year.’’

After losing All-Star closer Corey Knebel to an injury, the Brewers tried a few options in the ninth inning. Knebel was definitely missed, as Milwaukee allowed a ninth-inning run in each of its three games against the Cardinals this week, and Matt Albers and Jacob Barnes each blew a save in the series. — Nitzberg

Youth has been the name of the game for the Phillies, who have had more home runs by players age 25 or younger than any other team in baseball except the Cubs (10 for each team). The Phillies have 78 runs batted in this season, and 50 of those have come from players 25 or younger — the highest total of RBIs from players that age on any team in the majors. — Langs

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